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@Gatomur @Nogaret @ppppirri EeeeEeEeee EeeeeEeeEeEeEeEEeeeEee EeE 🐬


@Mercutio eee eEEeeEeeEeeeE! :) 🐬

ee e e eEeE eE eeeEe:Ee EE

@Nogaret e ee e e EEeeEeeEeeEeEee eeeeeEeEeE 🐬🐬

@Nogaret @JoseCVazquezP @isabelacatolica ee e e e eeEeeeEeE EeEEeeee eeeEeeeE :) 🐬🐬

@Nogaret eeEeEeEeeEee eEeeEeee 🐬🐬

@Gargron EeEEEEEEEeee! Eeee!

@Silvi_ta eeee EeEe? EEee EeeEeEee!! eEeeeeee 😘

@Silvi_ta EeeEe EeEeeeee EeeEeEeeEeEeeee 0/ 🐬

E E E… eeeeeeee… eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE… EeEeEeE :)

@Nogaret @Tiroslocos eeEEeEeeEeEee EeEee EeEeeee 0/

@Nogaret eee e eEEeee EEe Ee

ee eE_E_ E_eE_E-E_ eeeeee

@Nogaret eeee Eee E eeee :_(

@Nogaret EEEEEEee eee eEEeEe

@Nogaret eeeeE ee E Eeeee EEe

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@4064_37 E E EÉ E
EEEEEEEE E E É EEE EEÉ (tarareando el himno de España para los delfines)